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Promotional Testing
Advancing in rank is accomplished through promotional testing. Testing for each advancing rank will serve to provide you with new skills and challenges. Testing is held every two months at the Sun Yi's Academy school in Forest Lake.

There is a testing fee, the amount of which is dependent on your current belt level. When your rank advances through promotional testing, you will receive a new belt. Sun Yi's Academy uses a belt exchange system. Belts are exchanged from student to student. In other words, your old belt will go to a student that just advanced to your old rank and you will receive the belt from a student that just advanced to the next higher rank. There is no charge for your belts as you advance, as long as you turn in your present belt (except white belt). Should you wish to keep any of your old belts, there will be a $5.00 charge.

2020 Promotional Testing Dates
Saturday, February 15
Saturday, June 13
Saturday, August 15
Saturday, October 17
Saturday, December 19 *Annual holiday party

2020 Testing Dates - Printable Version (PDF)

Black Belt Classes
Black Belt Classes for Recommended Black Belts through 2nd Dan are at 9:00am the day of promotional testing.
Please contact your instructor if you have a scheduling conflict with Promotional Testing’s, Black Belt Classes, or Instructor Classes.
Your First Sun Yi’s Academy Promotional Testing
Sun Yi’s Academy holds promotional testing sessions every other month (February, April, June, August, October and December) usually on the third Saturday of the month. Times are subject to change but usually start at 11:30 am. Students are to arrive ½ hour early to warm up. A testing schedule for the year is available through your instructor. Promotional testing is held at the main Minnesota Sun Yi’s Academy in Forest Lake (located in Schilling Plaza, 255 SE Highway 97, Unit 5B, Forest Lake, MN 55025). We request that students do not park in front of any other businesses. There is ample parking across Highway 97 at the Forest Lake High School.

Students need permission to test from their instructor. This is to assure that students are proficient at their level and are ready to test for their next rank. Although promotional testing is held every two months, students are often not ready to test that often. Your instructor will inform students when they can start asking permission to test, which is usually two weeks prior to testing. Promotional testing applications must be completed and returned the last Tuesday prior to the testing date. There is a testing fee which is charged. The fee varies depending on the rank. A testing fee schedule is available through your instructor. Students are encouraged to attend a class at the Forest Lake Academy prior to testing to familiarize yourself with the school’s layout and environment.

Prior to testing, there may or may not be a tae kwon do demonstration usually done by black belts students and instructors. Following introductions, presentation of black belt certificates and announcements, testing will begin. Students are tested in rank order starting with white belts and usually in groups of 4 – 6 students. Judging is usually done by master instructors, led by Sr. Master Gibson. There may or may not be a guest judge from out of state. Grand Master Yi usually visits us once a year.

A student’s test is dependent on their rank. As rank increases, more is required and expected of the student. All students are required to do the form and one-steps for their rank. White belt students are usually not asked to spar.

Testing results are usually available approximately one week following testing. When results come in, new rank is recognized and new belts and certificates are given out in class. Sun Yi’s Academy uses a belt exchange system, meaning that students are not charged for their new belts as long as they turn in their old belt. If a student wishes to retain their old belt, they can do so for a $5 charge.

Any questions concerning promotional testing can be directed to your instructor.