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Sun Yi's Academy Traditional Tae Kwon Do
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All classes suspended Monday, March 16 - March 31 due to COVID-19.
At the end of March we'll consider if a further suspension of classes is warranted.
From Jr. Grandmaster Eddie & Sr. Master Theresa Gibson:

As many of you know we have been discussing the current situation on COVID-19. My biggest concern is for the safety and welfare for all families and children.

After looking at the facts about this virus, I have made the decision to suspend all TKD classes effective Monday, March 16 through the end of March. At that time, I will review the situation and will make decisions based on the state of affairs and recommendations for the public.

I know you all have been working very hard to prepare for testing. Continue to work on your forms, 1-steps, and techniques. Keep a log of when you work out, and what you work on. Your instructors will review your workout log with me, and we will have a promotional test, either as scheduled (April 18), or on another date once we get past the current situation. I strongly encourage you to video your workouts and upload them to Facebook. Both Forest Lake and White Bear Lake have Sun Yi's Academy accounts on Facebook.

Please refer to these findings/facts about this COVID-19 outbreak. Please share with others, so everyone will be informed.

This virus outbreak is going to financially cripple many small businesses, and several will not be able to keep their doors open. Please try and support all small businesses in your area.


Jr. Grandmaster Eddie & Sr. Master Theresa Gibson